Halogen-free flame protection

In connection with individual product application and considering the prices of plastics is a suitable flame protection concept to be chosen depending on the field of application. Our specialists will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

NORWE can already offer alternative plastics with inherent or halogen-free flame protection in many fields. Below is an excerpt from the material list – you can find the complete list on our website.

UL-File-No. Flammability
Rating acc. UL 94
RTI Elec. acc. UL Halogen-free
009 p6g nat. PA66 Polyamide 66 AKV30H nature
Lanxess AG
E 245249 HB (0.75) +125°C Yes
024 p6g PA66 Polyamide 66 PA66 30% GF black
- - (+125°C) Yes
106 A RV250 nat. PA66 Polyamid 66 Radiflam A RV250 AF
E116324 V-0 (0.75) +100°C Yes
243 Zen.6130L, black LCP Liquid Crystal Polymer 6130L black
E 344082 V-0 (0.25)
V-0 (0.38)

Explanations on the above survey of materials:

NORWE Mat.-Code designates the number NORWE fixed for the material.
NORWE Mat.-Description names the NORWE - abbreviation for the material.
Chemical Symbol classifies the chemical product group of the material.
Tradename designates the product name or trade name fixed by the manufacturer.
Manufacturer name of manufacturer.
UL-File-No. material quality tested and certified with respect to safety and fflammability. The manufacturers of certified and approved products receive a so-called recognition card (yellow card) in which the product qualities are listed in detail. You find all relevant yellow cards - also called UL cards - for different material qualities on our website www.norwe.de or can obtain them from us. You can call up all relevant yellow cards - also called UL cards - for different material qualities just by clicking on the respective UL-file-number).
Flammability Rating acc. UL determines the flammability of plastic materials based on burning tests in accordance with UL 94 considering the wall thickness of the material.
RTI (Elec.) Relative Temperature Index according to UL 746 B. The specified temperatures are valid vor long-range electrical load (Elec).