Special Design

Coilformers - innovations for individual solutions

In addition to our wide range of products we offer customized an economical solutions in the field of special designs. Take advantage of our development tem´s experience an spezialized background.

Upon request we are glad to provide advice even before you are have the final designs of your innovative products on paper.

Give us a call or send us your drawing.

Together we will find the best solution!

We design and manufacture your innovations

Take advantage of the experience and know-how of our team of specialists. In close collaboration and consultation with you we design and manufacture your innovations functionally and economically. Based on our certified Environmental Management System our products are always of certified quality and optimized to meet your requirements, from small quantities to large-scale production. And irrespective of whether your developments are intended to protect and safeguard a competitive advantage, or are part of a patent application, they enjoy absolute protection with us.

Special designs, optimized for your specific applications -Individual components as well as compatible assemblies -A wide range of component designs through flexible tool complementation -Cost-efficient detailed modifications to existing NORWE articles, e.g. to optimize your production process -Support with complex product developments, e.g. through prototypes or simulations

Special designs

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