This catalogue of coilformers contains information on all our products of the LDS/SMD3-Series

The LDS-method uses special plastic materials with additives. After a partial activation by laser conductor layers are created in a chemical reaction.

NORWE has further developed this technology by using cross-linked plastic materials to allow winding on the plastic without solder-pins.

The advantages are convincing – downsized components, simplified connecting technology, lower weight, optimal coplanarity, through connection as well as the possibility to provide smaller and medium-sized series without expenses for a pinning technique.

In the short term, the cross-linked materials can be exposed to very high temperatures. Apart from improved aspects in production there may be interesting cost advantages, and a discussion with us could be useful.

Should you need further assistance our specialists will be glad to answer your questions.

Our extensive range of modular tooling allows almost unlimited constructional changes to meet customers specification, often by simple changes of tool inserts.

In addition the modular tooling system allows extremely short tooling times and can be very cost effective.

EE-SMD-Coilformers (LDS/SMD3)

The coilformers are made in gfr, cross-linked Polyamide PA66, CRE/35/8LDS2. LDS-structured surfaces 6-8 µm copper, 3-4 µm nickel coating and 0,1 µm gold finish. Maximum solder temperature 400°C, 3 sec.
Special designs on request, dimensions in mm/inch.

The SMD3-coilformers - like the existing SMD2-coilformers - feature seperate winding on and soldering sides, compatible accessories and allow automatic processing.
The new SMD-generation additionally impresses by optimal coplanarity, lower weight and excellent solder properties.

EE 5 - EE 16 (LDS/SMD3)

P-EE Pick and Place Caps

The Pick and Place Caps are made in gfr Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS of type torA504 (RTI long-range temperature +130°C) and are suitable for reflow soldering conditions.
Special materials - e.g. irradiated cross-linked - and designs on request, dimensions in mm/inch.

The Pick and Place Caps for the range EE 5 - EE 20 allow automatic board assembly. They are designed to fit the top of the flanges of the SMD coilformers via a snap-on facility.
When ordering please quote type and order-code.

P-EE 5 - P-EE 20

Spring-Clips SB

The Spring-Clips are for assembling the ferrite cores and holding them together. The process is simple and cost-effective. The clips surround the whole outside of the ferrite cores and keep them under constant pressure. Variations of operating temperature has no effect on clamping pressure. One clip is required per assembly.

Special materials and designs on request, dimensions in mm/inch.
When ordering please quote type and order-code.

Spring-Clips SB

Additional Product Informations

For explanatory and more detailed information on this coilformer-series please kindly see the attached pdf-file.

- LDS-process in steps
- EE Ferrite Cores

LDS/SMD3 Product-Infos

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