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23rd CPS Expo 2017

07.11.2017 - 11.11.2017

CN Shanghai


LDS Laser Direct Structuring

The LDS-method uses special plastic materials with additives.

After a partial activation by laser conductor layers are created in a chemical reaction. NORWE has further developed this technology by using cross-linked plastic materials to allow winding on the plastic without solder-pins.


3D Printing Technology

Process for building components without using tool inserts

3D printing makes it possible to build three-dimensional components in a single step using a printer without the tools or moulds which would otherwise be necessary. Depending on the process or application, the result are accurate components, which can be used directly as prototypes or for small series.


Biobased Polymers

The first industrial plastic was actually a biobased polymer …

…and cellulose in a modified form is still used today as a biobased polymer. It was, however, the discovery of mineral-oil based plastics production which allowed the subsequent development of specialist plastics with a wide range of material properties for diverse applications. And precisely because of the steadily increasing range of areas of application the demand for biobased polymers grew at the same time.


NORWE quality policy

National and international companies from the most varied manufacturing and product areas rely on consistently high NORWE quality and have been doing so for many years. The official certifications in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and UL 746D also ensure the reliability of product quality in conjunction with a maximum production and function guarantee at the customer's end.

Quality for NORWE also means facing new technological and logistical challenges and flexibly and promptly adapting internal production processes to customer requirements.

NORWE communication

Our corporate philosophy is based on a common identity which is put into practice from management level down to all departments at NORWE. This is the only way communication and the behaviour of employees can be harmonized.

Interaction in partnership is maintained internally and, in particular, in direct contact with our customers and partners. This creates a crucial basis for our long-term business success.